Dispatch from the Boiler Room: December 3rd

A bittersweet dispatch this week, as we bid adieu to our apprentices Garrison and Chico. It’s been a particularly productive cycle for apprentices this time around, as we’ve launched two new ongoing series. The first, DEEP FOCUS, is a series of profiles of our region’s best independent filmmakers, produced in cooperation with the Northwest Film Center. The second, THE BIG IDEA. celebrates the innovations created by Oregon’s emerging business leaders, from product developers to startup founders, and is produced in cooperation with the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. Both series will serve as training grounds for future Potboiler apprentices, while celebrating our region’s creative and business communities.

Since both Garrison and Chico are ambitious screenwriters, we organized a little writing group to model some good critique and feedback practices. To help us get the ball rolling we invited Brie Williams, the experienced writer, good friend, and former member of my own weekly screenwriting group. We’re hoping to find a way to continue the group on a regular basis as an additional way to support apprentices in their creative work.

As a last hurrah, Garrison and Chico assisted on an interview shoot for this year’s District Court Historical Society Lifetime Achievement honoree, Judge Anna Brown. This project is a highlight of our year, providing a rare opportunity to apply our storytelling passion to a longer story, and Judge Brown’s life provided plenty of material to work with.

This week…

…is Clerc-Gallaudet Week, honoring Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, the founders of the first school for the deaf in the United States in in 1817. Starting with just seven students, graduates of the school brought Clerc’s teaching methods across the nation, and within the two founders lifetimes over 30 residential schools for the deaf were established.

Until next time…