Dispatch from the Boiler Room – April 29, 2019

It can be a challenge to maintain focus on our work here in the basement headquarters of Potboiler once the sunshine returns, luring us to frolic outside. Luckily, our projects are providing many opportunities to get out and start generating some vitamin D.

When artist Khris Soden takes a walk, it’s a political as well as an aesthetic experience.

Last weekend, podcaster/writer/filmmaker Chris Higgins joined interns Janelle Lasalle and Aaron McAdam to capture the first footage for A Map To Nowhere, the short film we’re working on that explores walking as a creative practice, and the process of algorithmic walking in particular. Our first step was to sit down for a chat with Khris Soden, a multidisciplinary artist who feels passionately about the importance of walking both as a political statement and as aesthetic experience. Then we headed out with cameras for an algorithmic walk of our own, documenting each step and observation.

An unexpected find from our algorithmic walking excursion.

Speaking of Janelle, we’ve been spending time honing the aesthetic language she’ll use for her independent project, which concerns a woman, pushed to her breaking point, who takes revenge on one man for the sins of the patriarchy at large. Also, there’s dancing, which has given me an excuse to share some of my favorite examples of dance on film, including the work of the incredible Dayna Hanson.

This week…

…is National Infant Immunization week, a great opportunity to try to talk some sense into people who think that vaccines cause autism learn about the importance of vaccination and the steps we can all take to help to protect the most vulnerable populations from serious diseases. Learn more at the CDC’s vaccine information page.

Until next time…