Dispatch from the Boiler Room: April 22

Interns Aaron McAdam and Moe Fernandez hard at work.

It’s a busy week here in the boiler room, as the interns begin to refine the scope and goals of their final projects. Taking a page from my own creative work, Moe Fernandez is exploring a project that will combine a number of storytelling techniques to document their relationship with Luna, their recently deceased dog. On the other hand, Aaron McAdam is looking to pursue a project that combines stop-motion animation and compositing, which means that I’ll likely end up learning as much as he does from the process.

Dr. Fawaz Alhumaid, cardiologist at Adventist Health

We’re back to work with our longest-funning client, Adventist Health, this time producing a profile of Dr. Fawaz Alhumaid, part of their world-renowned cardiology department. If all goes according to plan, intern Moe Fernandez will get a chance to help me shoot some b-roll of the doctor when we venture out to the clinic this week.

The “algorithmic walking” project is moving along nicely; the subject/expert that I’d hoping for has shown interest in participating, and it even has a working title: “A Map To Nowhere”. It’s an appropriate title for a project exploring a technique for navigating urban spaces in a way that emphasizes observation over destination.

Part map, part tarot reading: an experiment with cards representing the cyclicly determined direction of algorithmic walking.

This week…

…is National Coin Week, celebrating the fascinating world of numismatics. Their theme this year is “Discover the Past, Envision the Future“, and members of American Numismatic Association club members are invited to help design a coin celebrating innovation and discovery for release in the year 2069.

Until next time…