The latest apprentice to join us down in the Boiler Room is Patrick Lagier, a recent graduate of Pacific University whose filmmaking efforts have already taken him to faraway lands like Nepal. We asked him a few questions about his career path so far. When I’m not working at Potboiler, I spend my time… Playing video games, […]

One of the benefits of working in film and video is the opportunity to interview fascinating people and learn from insiders about fields that we’d otherwise only ever encounter from afar. We’ve worked with many clients who provide these experiences, but our favorite by far is the Oregon District Court Historical Society. We first worked with them […]

A brief dispatch this week, as I’m fighting off the worst kind of cold: a summer cold. Having lived in a creative mecca for most of my adult life, and having an institution like the Northwest Film Center in my orbit in one way or another for almost all of my career, it’s easy to forget that […]

Our new intern Garrison Davis doesn’t stand still for long, as evidenced by his short film Runners, in which two parkour practitioners chase each other over the most delicious bounty of all: french fries. He somehow manages to balance at least three different burgeoning careers, and he hasn’t even got his driver’s license yet. To help welcome […]

We’ve survived the Proud Boys invasion of our fair city (primarily by staying on the east side and making fun of them from the safety of the internet), and it’s time to get back to the grind… Things are progressing nicely on our new series produced in partnership with the Northwest Film Center, in which we profile […]

We’re back after a little break to enjoy a bit of Portland’s brief summer, and August is shaping up to be a big month for us, with some exciting new organizational partners. We’ve welcomed two new apprentice filmmakers to the Boiler Room: Garrison Davis is a former student of mine, having recently completed my Cinematography course at […]

Last week we headed to the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network PubTalk event to capture footage of the startup founders presenting their business pitches. Interns Janelle LaSalle and Moe Fernandez got their first opportunity to get behind the camera, while Aaron McAdam continued his tutelage in all things audio under the guidance of producer Chris Higgins. This footage will […]

We start this week full of inspiration after having spent the weekend at QDoc, the Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival. We caught seven films over the weekend, but the absolute standout was “Cassandro, The Exotico“, a verité-style portrait of Saúl Armendáriz, a luchador who has survived addiction, abuse, and countless physical injuries to become a world renowned […]

It can be a challenge to maintain focus on our work here in the basement headquarters of Potboiler once the sunshine returns, luring us to frolic outside. Luckily, our projects are providing many opportunities to get out and start generating some vitamin D. Last weekend, podcaster/writer/filmmaker Chris Higgins joined interns Janelle Lasalle and Aaron McAdam to capture […]

It’s a busy week here in the boiler room, as the interns begin to refine the scope and goals of their final projects. Taking a page from my own creative work, Moe Fernandez is exploring a project that will combine a number of storytelling techniques to document their relationship with Luna, their recently deceased dog. On the […]