Where History Comes Alive (Metaphorically Speaking, of Course)

Our pals at OPB referred us to our latest client, the Cannon Beach History Center. For those unfamiliar, Cannon Beach is a small, charming town on the Oregon Coast widely known for being the backdrop for climactic scenes in The Goonies and Point Break. What I didn’t know, however, is that Cannon Beach is named for an actual cannon. lost for years from the wreckage of the sunken ship the USS Shark, and found almost one hundred years later.  

The U.S.S. shark

The museum came to use in need of a public television underwriting spot, but after hearing the saga of the USS shark, we knew that we had to go all in and produce a larger campaign.  We love being able to contribute our services to organizations doing work that we believe in, and working on a meaty story like this one means we get to flex our storytelling muscle at the same time.

We started with an free form interview with the museum’s executive director, Elaine Trucke. A lifelong Cannon Beach resident, she is bursting with enthusiasm for both the history of the town, and for what Cannon Beach means to residents now. She shared with us her own experience during the historic storm of 2007, which flooded all roads going into or out of the town, isolating residents for weeks without electricity or telephone service.

Elaine Trucke, Executive Director of the Cannon Beach Historical Museum

It was that harrowing experience that galvanized what Cannon Beach really means to Trucke, as she saw her neighbors band together to share food, resources, and information, ensuring that every resident of Cannon Beach was taken care of until additional help could arrive.

Using Trucke’s passionate energy as a jumping off point, we’re some unique approaches to the museum’s promotional spots, taking some cues from material like Drunk History and Mental Floss’s The List Show to create a more light hearted, slightly irreverent ode to the history of this awesome Oregon town.  We’ll post clips and updates as the project progresses.

And apologies to The Simpsons for the title of this post, but I just couldn’t resist…