Taking the Daisho Out For a Spin

I’m not much of a gearhead, but I have to admit that our Ronin MX camera gimbal is one of the most fun filmmaking toys we get to play with around here. It amazes me how effective and responsive it is, and how easy it’s been to learn (though I’m still mastering the finer points). The downside is that unless you’ve got some massive guns, it’s just about impossible to use for more than a few minutes at a time; it’s just too darn heavy.

So I was excited to hear about the Daisho clamp, a fiendishly simple solution invented by filmmaker Keegan Kuhn.  With one simple machined part, the Daisho allows a 15mm rod to be mounted perpendicular to the Ronin crossbar.  With the addition of two standard rig handles, this allows the entire gimbal to be used upside down, supported by the user’s shoulder and both hands.

Although it took some time to figure out how to coax the Ronin into “upright mode” (with some help from Mr Kuhn himself!), it’s been a real game changer, and today our new interns got the chance to try it out for themselves while practicing their b-roll gathering skills.

Maria operating the Ronin
The Daisho clamp allows the Ronin to be shoulder mounted

You can order the Daisho clamp directly from Keegan’s company First Spark Gear here. (and I swear, I’m not getting a kickback, I just think it’s great!)