Elise Keith and John Keith know the importance of social proof

Storytelling and Social Proof: A Conversation With Elise Keith

Elise Keith, co-founder of Lucid Meetings
Elise Keith, co-founder of Lucid Meetings

Elise Keith is the co-founder of Lucid Meetings, an online platform that helps organizations run more effective meetings. We worked with them in April to produce a short explainer video in anticipation of their being named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in the Unified Communications category. We spoke to Elise about the experience of producing a video with us, and about the importance of story in conveying social proof.

Andy Blubaugh: What were you looking for in an explainer video?

Elise Keith: Well we’re an internet software company in a world of 100 million internet software companies, and while we can tell people what we do specifically it’s always better to hear from that from our customers and other people.  So we were looking for a video that both helped explain what we did as a company but also connected an audience to someone else who has a the same problem they did.


AB: Why do you think that helping the audience connect with someone who is dealing with a similar problem is so important?

EK: That’s the fundamental principle of social proof. You can do what you’re  intending to do, but the question of whether or not it worked for someone isn’t something that you can explain, you need it to come from someone who actually has had that experience.


AB: And what exactly is social proof?
Dr. Robert Cialdini, innovator in the field of social proof.
Dr. Robert Cialdini

EK: Social proof is one of the fundamental principles of social influence, which you can read about in Robert Cialdini’s work. It’s basically the way that we as social animals decide what works, and we do that by looking to see what has worked for other people. That’s why recommendation engines in Amazon work so well, that’s why we have “likes”, that how we’re sure that we get only the news that we like to see, all of those kinds of things work on that principle.


A.B.: What about the was the interview process?  Was that intimidating for people?

E.K.: Beforehand, I know people were concerned that they were going to say the “right” things, because they knew that we were doing this not only to tell our story, but because we wanted our story to resonate with our audience. So there was some concern from everybody about whether they have enough time to get their talking points in.  But afterwards, they came out less worried about getting their blurb in, and instead feeling like they had a chance to be really heard.


A.B.: Did you find the feedback process challenging?

E.K.: The feedback process was very straightforward and not a problem for us at all.  One thing we really appreciated was your efforts to

Social proof is crucial to showing the effectiveness of a product.
Social proof is crucial to showing the effectiveness of a product.

go ahead and take some of the areas where the footage was a less interesting and add in the animation and other imagery that help bring more life to the process. That proactive approach was really helpful.

Be sure to check out our finished explainer video for Lucid Meetings, find out what Lucid Meetings can do for your organization, and read more about Robert Cialdini’s work in the field of social influence.