New Client

Where History Comes Alive (Metaphorically Speaking, of Course) Our pals at OPB referred us to our latest client, the Cannon Beach History Center. For those unfamiliar, Cannon Beach is a small, charming town on the Oregon Coast widely known for being the backdrop for climactic scenes in The Goonies and Point Break. What I didn’t know, however, is that Cannon Beach is named for an
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Boiler Room

You Never Forget Your First: Bolex H-16

blonde whore milf dp I can’t believe that I’m about to use this word non-ironically, but there’s just no other way to describe today’s mutually beneficial excursion other than synergy. It started with my good friend and colleague Chris Higgins, who is hard at work on a documentary about Jamie Livingston, a director and cinematographer known for his music video work

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Welcome New Interns!

follow site Today we welcome two new interns to Potboiler, Rhiannan Kane and Maria Nunau.  Rhiannan is an Arizona native who works as a hotel manager at McMenamins Kennedy School (plenty of story material for films there, I’m sure), while Maria is originally from Romania, and works in security for Intel. Both are alumni of my Digital Cinematography class

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Elise Keith and John Keith know the importance of social proof
Client Testimonials

Storytelling and Social Proof: A Conversation With Elise Keith Elise Keith is the co-founder of Lucid Meetings, an online platform that helps organizations run more effective meetings. We worked with them in April to produce a short explainer video in anticipation of their being named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in the Unified Communications category. We spoke to Elise about the experience of producing a video with

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