Dispatch From the Boiler Room: April 15

We’re starting our week in typically wet fashion of a Portland spring, with all the usual consequences (muddy floors and late busses) as well as at least one very unusual one: the exceptionally wet ground allowed the cherry tree outside the office to just fall right over. It’s a miracle that none of us were actually in the office at the time, and that it managed to fall in a way that didn’t take out half the house.

It’s like it just up and gave up. But to be fair, I’ve had those days too.

In more sunny news, we welcome three new interns to the office: Moe Fernandez, Aaron McAdam, and Janelle Lassalle, and we’ll give them a chance to introduce themselves here on the blog in the coming days. For this round of the internship program, I’m particularly excited about further developing and standardizing the Independent Project element of the internship, with the goal of ensuring that every emerging filmmaking who contributes their time to our little organization leaves having make a significant stride in their professional and creative development.

On the client side, we’re just about ready to premiere our promo videos for the Cannon Beach Historical Center, and we’re in the final sprint to complete the profile piece for OWLS research partners Both of these projects has been quite epic endeavors, bringing in elements of documentary, narrative, animation, and archival footage.

The sign welcoming you to the Cannon Beach History Center and museum. When you see it, do yourself a favor and stop in.

And on the purely creative front, we’ve been tossing around the idea of doing our own little “independent project” partly as an opportunity to expose our interns to a wider range of creative processes. It’s still in the formative stages, but the subject matter is something called “algorithmic walking”, and it will explore walking as a creative process in its own right, and as a method of observing one’s surroundings in a new way.

This week…

…is Pan American Week, marking the birth of the International Conference of American States held in Washington in 1889-90. That meeting then paved the way for the establishment of the Organization of American States in 1948. It is the oldest regional organization of its kind in the world.

Until next time…