We all know the adage that “less is more”, but for Windermere Stellar broker Candace Kramer, it’s more than just a saying, it’s her business. She specializes in helping clients downsize from sprawling suburban homes to more central, urban spaces. That mean doing more than just selling them a new condo or townhouse; it means helping people […]

Complí is an enterprise software company with a mission to make workforce compliance easy, seamless, and effective. To showcase all the features of their latest product, Complígo, we told the story of the first day of a new job from the perspectives of the new hire and of the compliance manager.

We know that nurses play a crucial role in healthcare, but what makes nursing at like Adventist Health special? We spoke to nurses from the emergency, maternity, cardiac and other departments to find out why working at a mission-driven hospital makes their work so much more rewarding, and improves patient outcomes as well.

Image from our explainer video showing a meeting run on the Lucid Meetings platform

Could meetings be the most productive part of your day? The makers of Lucid Meetings think so; they’ve created a meeting management software that takes the guesswork out of sparking engagement while encouraging accountability and good communication practices. In this case study, we explore how professional services firm Return Leverage utilizes the Lucid Meetings platform, and discover […]

Dr. Malik Tella got his start in sports medicine in the heart of it all: as a staff doctor for the San Francisco 49ers.  But as he explains in his profile video for Adventist Health, sports medicine isn’t just for athletes: it’s for anyone that lives an active lifestyle.

Ever wonder how Madagascar hissing cockroaches make their signature sound? The Bug Chicks are here to explain it, in the first on an ongoing series called “Ask The Bug Chicks!” Ask the Bug Chicks: How Do Cockroaches Hiss? from Potboiler Story Company LLC on Vimeo.

Still from Plague by Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody is a Portland institution, recording over 13 albums over the past twenty years. Their latest, “Songs From Shakespeare is a collection of songs inspired by the Bard’s works. In this video for the song “Plague”, the scornful final words of Mercutio from “Romeo and Juliet” serve as a sort of narration for an elegant […]

For this music video for their new song “All That You Are”, Portland band True Deceiver gave us a simple theme: places devoid of people. We scoured the corners of the city to find the most haunting but beautiful vacant spaces in our increasingly crowded corner of the world, and cut it to their multi-layered post-rock music.

Every physician follows a unique path to their career. For Dr. Daniel Ananyev, a family physician with Adventist Health, that path started in his native Armenia, where he learned traditional herbal medicine from his grandmother. He continues that tradition in his practice to this day, incorporating a wide variety of holistic and traditional approaches to maintaining his […]

There are trails all around us: hidden paths that lead to the memories that make up our lives. With Cornbread—a new kind of social network— you can leave a trail of “crumbs” anywhere you, and connect text, audio, and photos for others to find. Your adventure awaits…