We’re back after a little break to enjoy a bit of Portland’s brief summer, and August is shaping up to be a big month for us, with some exciting new organizational partners. We’ve welcomed two new apprentice filmmakers to the Boiler Room: Garrison Davis is a former student of mine, having recently completed my Cinematography course at […]

Last week we headed to the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network PubTalk event to capture footage of the startup founders presenting their business pitches. Interns Janelle LaSalle and Moe Fernandez got their first opportunity to get behind the camera, while Aaron McAdam continued his tutelage in all things audio under the guidance of producer Chris Higgins. This footage will […]

We start this week full of inspiration after having spent the weekend at QDoc, the Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival. We caught seven films over the weekend, but the absolute standout was “Cassandro, The Exotico“, a verité-style portrait of Saúl Armendáriz, a luchador who has survived addiction, abuse, and countless physical injuries to become a world renowned […]

It can be a challenge to maintain focus on our work here in the basement headquarters of Potboiler once the sunshine returns, luring us to frolic outside. Luckily, our projects are providing many opportunities to get out and start generating some vitamin D. Last weekend, podcaster/writer/filmmaker Chris Higgins joined interns Janelle Lasalle and Aaron McAdam to capture […]

It’s a busy week here in the boiler room, as the interns begin to refine the scope and goals of their final projects. Taking a page from my own creative work, Moe Fernandez is exploring a project that will combine a number of storytelling techniques to document their relationship with Luna, their recently deceased dog. On the […]

We’re starting our week in typically wet fashion of a Portland spring, with all the usual consequences (muddy floors and late busses) as well as at least one very unusual one: the exceptionally wet ground allowed the cherry tree outside the office to just fall right over. It’s a miracle that none of us were actually in […]

I can’t believe that I’m about to use this word non-ironically, but there’s just no other way to describe today’s mutually beneficial excursion other than synergy. It started with my good friend and colleague Chris Higgins, who is hard at work on a documentary about Jamie Livingston, a director and cinematographer known for his music video work […]

The addition of the Daisho clamp turns the Ronin MX into a total game changer.